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thermographyMy job as a Chiropractor is to find and correct a mechanical insult to the nervous system found in the spine when it misaligns called a Vertebral Subluxation. These Subluxations damage nerve actions and supply leading to all manner of health problems and disease processes which may be so subtle at the beginning you don’t even know, to a raging health problem after years of altered and depleted nerve supply.

X-Ray is what most Chiropractic offices use to find Vertebral Subluxations; for the longest time I’ve looked for an alternative to X-Ray because I knew they weren’t good for the body, then in 2007 the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came out and told us that X-Ray has been causatively linked to Leukemia, breast, lung and thyroid cancers!!! NO GOOD.

I found something better called Thermography.

In an article entitled “Chiropractic Thermography: Objectifying Subluxation” by Richard J. Story DC; Dynamic Chiropractic, January 14, 1994, it was stated: “The nerve pathways involved in the control of skin temperature have been well documented in the field of neuroanatomy (the study of nerves in the body). The biomechanical (how the body moves) alteration that occur in the presence of Vertebral Subluxation alters the function of these nerve pathways. It is because of the abnormal function of these nerve pathways that thermographic asymmetries verify the presence of Vertebral Subluxations. The Chiropractic adjustment corrects the Vertebral Subluxation and can be observed when the thermograms are returned to normal symmetry.” This means that Thermography shows the trouble areas in the spine and when they’ve been corrected.

Along with tests of the reflexes, muscles, posture and mechanics of the spine we use Thermography to find and to monitor the adjustment so that we deliver to you the best care available in the industry.

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The most influential text book on anatomy, Gray’s Anatomy, has this to say: “every
function of the human body is under control of the nervous system.” It is the job of the
spine to protect the gelatinous structure called the spinal cord and the nerve trunks that
emanate off from it to go to every cell, gland and organ (skin, muscles, tendons &
ligaments are considered organs too).

Your life in many ways is dictated by chemistry made inside your body: inflammatory
chemistry to aid the healing process and anti-inflammatory chemistry to calm it down
when healed, digestive enzymes to break down and assimilate the food you eat to
become the you we see in about 24 to 48 hours; your moods and emotions, energy,
judgement, how you think is all because of chemicals made by the the glands and
organs under the control of the brain and spinal cord. It is absolutely impossible for you
to be well in life mentally and physically when your chemistry is out of balance and
control- this is where Chiropractic comes in. Is the job of the Chiropractor to locate misalignments
of the spine which through compression of the nerves causes alteration or
depletion of this vital nerve control and vitality. The correction of these mis-alignments
restores to the body its ability to live and heal which is the responsibility of the nervous

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This practice concentrates solely on the detection, analysis
and correction of the Vertebral Subluxation: slight
misalignments in the spine which interfere with vital nerve
transmissions that run the body. This is done with the firm
conviction that every level of human performance is better
when no vertebral subluxations are present.

X-Ray is not used in this office for this reason: “In 2007 the
World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention, National Institute of Environmental Health
Sciences have all classified X-Rays as carcinogenic (cancer
inducing), based on the fact that they have been linked to
leukemia and cancers of the breast, lung and thyroid.” [Life
Extension, March 2008]. We use Thermography to locate the
abnormal bio-electric field and monitor the correction of the
subluxation which is done with a low force of between 6 and
28 ounces of pressure. This is precise, safe and highly
effective. Our purpose is not to diagnose and treat medical
conditions but to restore nervous system integrity to allow
the healing and recuperative powers to be the best they can
be, with this you have your best opportunity to recover
function, health and remain that way.

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Most people when they think of Chiropractic they think of getting the spine “cracked”
and that may be true in some offices but not in this one. I do my specialty to free up the
nervous system inside that spine so that life and control can be carried over those
nerves from the brain to the body in order for that body to have all of its tools as strong
as they can be for nature inside that body to heal and run it as it was designed. It is
nature inside you that cures disease by making new cells to replace old ones, if those
cells are strong- no problems, if those cells are weak and inefficient then you are
growing a disease. According to science this is entirely dependent upon the health of
the nervous system; misalignment of the spine called Vertebral Subluxation destroy this

It is a ‘must’ that these Subluxations be corrected specifically and scientifically. The way
I do it is with a highly directed and measured low force of 6-30 ounces of pressure
guided by a thermograph to tell me when and where to adjust the subluxed vertebra so
it frees the nerves. Then we use Thermography to track your progress, this way YOU
can see the difference. Obviously symptoms alone don’t tell the complete story; a
splinter under your thumb nail can give you horrendous pain yet a cancer can grow for
years and you don’t feel a thing. This is why I go through all this work, to be sure for

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The world, “Chiropractic,” taken from the Greek, “cheir” (hand), plus “praktikos” (effective), means “effective hands.” The science of chiropractic is defined as being the science of adjusting by hand any or all luxations (dislocation) of the 300 articular joins of the human body, more especially, the 52 articulations of the spinal column, for the purpose of freeing any or all impinged nerves which cause deranged functions.

Organs and tissues of the body depend upon normal nerve supply for normal function. Nerve Energy in the body is carried from the brain or central control through the spinal cord and its branches. The spinal cord is housed and protected by the column of bony segments (vertebrae) which compose the commonly known “back bone” of spinal column. Slight misplacements (subluxations) of these bony segments can provide for impingements upon the spinal nerves and even the spinal cord itself. This inhibits the normal flow of nerve energy over the nerve tracts. Thus abnormal positioning of the spinal segments will impair function through nerve interference. The resulting disease symptoms depend upon the area or level of the spine involved.

The brain, housed by the skull, is the dynamic center of the human body and has a direct or indirect connection with all its tissue cells. From the brain, nerves pass down out of the skull through the spinal column in the spinal cord and the individual nerve branches from this great nerve trunk are given off at various levels, to pass out of the openings which are formed between the individual spinal segments or vertebrae as they sit one upon another. These openings are normal in size when the vertebrae are maintained in proper relationship. Abnormal positions of the vertebrae decrease the size of the openings and provide for impingement of the nerves and therefore for changes in the flow of nerve impulse from brain to tissue cell. Disturbed innervation means deranged action in the tissue cells.
The theory underlying chiropractic procedure is that spinal subluxation creates impingement upon nerves, which affects the normal transmission of nerve energy to the various organs and tissues of the body. By adjusting the subluxated spinal segments, the flow of nerve energy is normalized and the CAUSE of the disease is removed.
Nerve interference may cause paralysis of an arm, abnormalities of vision, inflammation of the kidney, inflammation of the knee joint, or inactivity of the bowel: the symptom depending upon the vertebrae and nerves involved. All of these ills and others too numerous to mention are the end results of deranged flow of nerve energy to the body structure.
Such conditions respond favorably to chiropractic when the nerve impingement is corrected and the tissues are able to function normally once more. While backache or pain in the back is a common symptom, it is not always nor necessarily present with abnormal positioning of the vertebrae. A simple cold may also be an evidence of weakness, the causative factor being nerve pressure. Remember that from the skin into the innermost center of the body, all organs and tissues are supplied by the nerves; even the blood supply, the heart action, the digestion of food depend upon nerve energy for proper action.
Chiropractic has advanced today to the point where adjustments are painless and the repositioning of spinal segments is a scientific procedure. Years ago, we rode by horse and buggy; today we travel by automobile and airplane. So, in chiropractic, we have found a way to restore the spinal column to normal by the use of force so slight that it causes no discomfort to the patient. Today we have instruments to help us locate the areas of abnormal nerve action that makes X-ray of seldom use. A very slight adjusting force is used, in accord with the structure and mechanisms of the body.

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I recently recieved an email from a fellow Chiropractor. The article was very informative and I wanted to share it with my friends! Thank you Dr. Jason Ulsrud from Rockstar Chiropractic!

Take a look below at the first part of the article.

“One of the most important things as a Chiropractor is to connect with the “Why” of what we do. Why Chiropractic? Why are you a Chiropractor? Why do you deliver the Chiropractic Adjustment? Why use Lasers? Why prescribe supplements? Why give massages? Why? Why? Why? As a Principled Chiropractor, the answers to these questions can all be easily answered by the 33 Principles set forth in Chiropractic. This is as much my connection with the Principle of Chiropractic as it’s a guide to help you connect with what Chiropractic really is. Chiropractic Philosophy cannot exist without the subluxation, otherwise it’s just anybody’s philosophy.

33 Principles of Chiropractic

1. The Major Premise… A Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all it’s properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence. (I consider this Universal Intelligence to be LIFE and without LIFE you cease to exist. The difference between you and the hunk of steak you’re having for dinner is LIFE, or Universal Intelligence.)

2. The Chiropractic Meaning of Life… The expression of this Intelligence through matter is the Chiropractic meaning of Life. (I really see this as LIFE. Chiropractic or not, failure to express Universal Intelligence through self is the opposite of LIFE, it’s DEATH. From the day we’re born, we are on a journey of Intelligent expression to the point of no expression. Chiropractic is the key to fully expressing LIFE throughout the journey.)

3. The Union of Intelligence and Matter… Life is necessarily the UNION of Intelligence and Matter. (In other words, LIFE occurs when your spirit unites with your physical being. A breakdown of the connection between Universal Intelligence and your body is caused by Subluxation.)

4. The Triune of Life… Life is a Triunity having 3 necessary united factors, namely: Intelligence, Force, and Matter. (Mind, Body, and Spirit. Life cannot occur without the the connection between Intelligence, Force, and Matter. Chiropractic looks beyond the mechanistic view of simply Matter and considers the Triune of Life to be vitally important.)

5. The Perfection of the Triune… In order to have 100% LIFE, there must be 100% Intelligence, 100% Force, 100% Matter. (100% expression of LIFE can only be accomplished when connection of the Triune of Life is 100%. An ADJUSTMENT is the only thing that can facilitate the proper connection of the Triune of Life and hence, the expression of LIFE.)

6. The Principle of Time… There is no process that does not require time. (The breakdown of LIFE takes time. Reconnecting the LIFE Force takes time. This goes beyond Chiropractic and the body. Building Success takes time, strong marriages take time, building relationships takes time, happiness takes time, and connecting with the Principle of Chiropractic takes time. The important thing is that you’re willing to put in the time.) ”

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Many chiropractors are perplexed as to why chiropractic has become associated with bad backs, still necks and other musculoskeletal problems. The first chiropractic patient was deaf and he, in fact, did not even go to the chiropractor for his deafness. (Since chiropractic had not yet been discovered there were obviously no chiropractors at the time). The patient’s name was Harvey Lillard and he was the janitor in the office building where Dr. D.D. Palmer had his office. Dr. Palmer was a drugless healer, what we call an “alternative health-care practitioner” today. Palmer theorized that the bump in Lillard’s neck that had appeared when he became deaf was a bone out of place and if it could be put back in place, the janitor’s hearing might be restored. The rest is history.

What happened on that September day in 1895? D.D. Palmer did not cure deafness. Although the janitor’s hearing was restored, Palmer had simply corrected a vertebral subluxation (even though it was not yet called that). In correcting the subluxation, he allowed the innate intelligence of the body to normalize the function of the nerve system and the result was that Lillard’s body healed itself of a hearing problem. For the last 103 years, thousands of chiropractors have been doing the same thing to millions of people, that is, removing the interference to allow the innate intelligence to better express itself. Some of those patients have had medical problems, from a very minor ailment like the common cold to something very serious like terminal cancer. Some of them got well and some did not. It was not because chiropractic succeeds in some people and fails in others. The objective of chiropractic is only to correct the nerve interference. Only the living body heals itself. Sometimes it can, sometimes it cannot. However, the body is always more capable of healing without the nerve interference cause by a vertebral subluxation.

As a result of those millions of adjustments, some children did better in school, some were better athletes, and some grew into more productive adults. Some probably were able to get into better colleges and some probably got better jobs because the mind thinks and the body works better with a good nerve supply. As adults, some of those people probably lived longer, healthier lives. Some of them were able to work better, miss less work, and reduce injuries. Some of the women undoubtedly had healthier pregnancies and gave birth to healthier children. All of them were able to fulfill more of their potential in every aspect of their lives because of their adjustments. You see, when the body is free of nerve interference, every organ, gland and cell works better. The body’s chemistry is more perfectly balanced and the body has more life giving energy to do everything it was intended to do. Chiropractic impacts every aspect of the life of every person who receives care.

How is it then that so many people think chiropractic is just for bad backs and stiff necks? How is it that the average person does not know that it is not about your back, it is about your life? The real objective of chiropractic, to allow the body’s innate intelligence to express itself more fully in every man, woman, and child, may be the most closely guarded secret in the health care community. Those who regularly receive chiropractic care know what it’s all about and should share the knowledge to the world.