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Principles of Chiropractic

I recently recieved an email from a fellow Chiropractor. The article was very informative and I wanted to share it with my friends! Thank you Dr. Jason Ulsrud from Rockstar Chiropractic!

Take a look below at the first part of the article.

“One of the most important things as a Chiropractor is to connect with the “Why” of what we do. Why Chiropractic? Why are you a Chiropractor? Why do you deliver the Chiropractic Adjustment? Why use Lasers? Why prescribe supplements? Why give massages? Why? Why? Why? As a Principled Chiropractor, the answers to these questions can all be easily answered by the 33 Principles set forth in Chiropractic. This is as much my connection with the Principle of Chiropractic as it’s a guide to help you connect with what Chiropractic really is. Chiropractic Philosophy cannot exist without the subluxation, otherwise it’s just anybody’s philosophy.

33 Principles of Chiropractic

1. The Major Premise… A Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all it’s properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence. (I consider this Universal Intelligence to be LIFE and without LIFE you cease to exist. The difference between you and the hunk of steak you’re having for dinner is LIFE, or Universal Intelligence.)

2. The Chiropractic Meaning of Life… The expression of this Intelligence through matter is the Chiropractic meaning of Life. (I really see this as LIFE. Chiropractic or not, failure to express Universal Intelligence through self is the opposite of LIFE, it’s DEATH. From the day we’re born, we are on a journey of Intelligent expression to the point of no expression. Chiropractic is the key to fully expressing LIFE throughout the journey.)

3. The Union of Intelligence and Matter… Life is necessarily the UNION of Intelligence and Matter. (In other words, LIFE occurs when your spirit unites with your physical being. A breakdown of the connection between Universal Intelligence and your body is caused by Subluxation.)

4. The Triune of Life… Life is a Triunity having 3 necessary united factors, namely: Intelligence, Force, and Matter. (Mind, Body, and Spirit. Life cannot occur without the the connection between Intelligence, Force, and Matter. Chiropractic looks beyond the mechanistic view of simply Matter and considers the Triune of Life to be vitally important.)

5. The Perfection of the Triune… In order to have 100% LIFE, there must be 100% Intelligence, 100% Force, 100% Matter. (100% expression of LIFE can only be accomplished when connection of the Triune of Life is 100%. An ADJUSTMENT is the only thing that can facilitate the proper connection of the Triune of Life and hence, the expression of LIFE.)

6. The Principle of Time… There is no process that does not require time. (The breakdown of LIFE takes time. Reconnecting the LIFE Force takes time. This goes beyond Chiropractic and the body. Building Success takes time, strong marriages take time, building relationships takes time, happiness takes time, and connecting with the Principle of Chiropractic takes time. The important thing is that you’re willing to put in the time.) ”

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