About Our Chiropractor


Our chiropractor is dedicated to your health!

Our talented chiropractor, Dr. Randy Fulton, is a native Californian.  He grew up in the San Fernando Valley and moved with his family to Newport Beach when he was a teenager.

Married to his beautiful wife Julianne, they have a daughter named Briar, who they treasure and adore.

In addition to his obvious love and devotion to chiropractic, he can also be found on the tennis courts volleying with friends, catching a wave when the surf is just right, and (he wishes) shooting under par out on the links.

Dr. Fulton is a very friendly gentleman who truly wants nothing but the best for his friends, family, community, and most of all, his patients.  He works incessantly to ensure that his patients receive the very best care at our chiropractic clinic. He has had his own experiences that drove him to become a Chiropractor:

As a child, I had a very bad back problem that lasted until I was a young man. There were times when I could not control my bladder (especially at night) or walk out of my bedroom without searing pain. I was asthmatic and sickly — missing weeks at a time of school. Under the expert care of a chiropractor, Dr. Jerry Klemer, these problems all resolved, and today, there is not a hint of a problem, just the memories of them.

However, even more inspiring to me was what I witnessed as a child and a young man with the battles my mother and step-mother had with the dreaded disease of Cancer.

I saw first hand how this disease ravaged their bodies, and chemotherapies added to their suffering, not just to their bodies, but also to their spirits. The more I investigated, it became crystal clear to me that the keys we seek to better genetics, disease, and health exists within the energy system of the brain and the nerves. Additionally, six months of chiropractic care helped rid my wife of over 13 years of suffering from Epilepsy and migraine headaches, the very things she was told she would have to live with for the rest of her life.