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My Chiropractic Clinic’s Philosophy

You Are Not A Frog

You are an intelligent human being. You have noticed that something is wrong. You realized at some point that something should be done. BUT YOU DIDN’T DO IT!

The frog has the excuse that it is a frog and jumping out never occurred to it. You do not.

In your defense maybe you tried and failed at a few different things. Maybe you were already sold some “cure” or “treatment”. Maybe you stopped eating sugar or some other thing that you heard would be healthy. But the condition remains.

There are different ways to “handle” a problem in life. One is to confront it and take it head-on. Another is to run. Another is to remain but to avoid the problem. Another is neglect.

Where healing conditions is concerned “avoid” and “neglect” are most often used. You don’t have the time or it isn’t that bad really or my favorite “it’s normal”.

The hard facts are that if you neglect it, it will continue to worsen.

Think about that for a few minutes. What if you keep getting worse? What does that mean to your job, your children or your sex life? What about your hobbies? Will you still be able to swing a club or manipulate a tool or a paintbrush? Will you even want to?

If you don’t confront the problem it will get worse. Look back at your symptoms. Look at how they have progressed. Look at your future.

Don’t think that I believe that you have had the cure in your back pocket this whole time and didn’t use it. I know that the world of healing is a confusing thing. I know that you have tried certain things. I see daily the results of mis-diagnosis, wrong remedies applied to symptoms, the confusion of a symptom for the ailment. I know.

All of that still sums up to a dead frog however. So if you think I am being hard on you then know that it is because the temperature is rising.

So what now?

I have an arsenal of knowledge on this subject and cutting edge diagnostic methods but the most important thing for you to know first is this:

My confidence in my skills and positive approach plus your desire to change will get you through it.

BOTH of us are necessary.

I cannot help you heal your condition without your co-operation. You cannot wish yourself well or you would have done so. So we’re stuck with each other.

But how? The whole subject is very involved but I am a big believer in education. I am going to give you the basics. By the end you will see that the approach is simple.

The body is an amazing and complex device. It is constantly trying to heal, repair, improve etc. and it is fantastically good at it. The only reason you are not even worse off is because of the body’s solid effort and determination to keep itself well.

The body is on your side.

Believe it! The list of chemical reactions and production of life supporting substances that just the liver would generate on a normal day would knock your socks off. The more you learn about what the body does to keep itself going the more impressive it is. There are no words that do it justice.I could give you long learned-sounding speeches about the body. My education includes all of the education an MD gets minus only the administering of drugs (which I definitely do NOT need). Plus a lot of study about how the body works as a whole. Not just the parts but how all of the parts work together. So I could make it sound really good.But you do not need to know any of that. Not at first anyway. What you need to know is that the most important component in turning around the body is Communication. This is so important that I am going to say it again in big red letters.

The most important, often misunderstood component in turning around the body is communication.

The glands make life supporting chemicals providing they get the message to do so. Same with the liver, pancreas etc. In fact, all of the parts of the body are all interlinked by multiple systems. But the MAIN one is the nervous system.

The nervous system itself is worthy of pages and pages but lets keep it simple. The nerves carry messages. If the nerves are blocked, partially or fully, the body fails to communicate with another part of itself.

Nerves are almost never fully blocked in normal day to day living. If they were you would know it. But they are very often partially blocked. This leads to the need for the body to start relying on back up systems. It can still get the data it needs but in a more roundabout way.

It’s like finding out that your house is on fire by hearing your neighbors yelling about it rather than by the smoke-detector. You still find out, but it would have been better to get the message from the thing that was designed to communicate about it.

In short where the body is concerned the more open the channels the better.

The body can do its job spectacularly if you let it.

There is another happy, weirdly convenient fact about your body. Where the nerve channels are blocked, the body gives off a signal. This makes locating the correct problem simple. The body is very accommodating in this way. This signal is in a band of energy that is not visible but is detectible with a simple device.

This is pretty amazing really. So much so that I won’t bother trying to convince you. I can give you a simple demonstration in my office if you like.

Suffice it to say that I can precisely locate exact blockages. They could be in the spine, neck, any of the joints and even the skull.

Once I find them it is a simple matter to correct.

My methods are so accurate that to correct the problem requires 8 ounces of force or less. That’s right! I very gently coax the exact misalignment back into place. I can even tell exactly when it is back in place.

My methods are so different from the typical spine popping Chiropractor that you will never want to go back. With the body communicating properly internally it will correct what is wrong! This is not something that happens after one visit. It is not like taking an aspirin for a headache.

In order to convince you as to my methods I offer a special consultation and adjustment at a discount.

This same service can run as high as $150.

If you want to schedule an appointment to come into the office and see me just e-mail me at drfultonchiro@gmail.com. Give me a simple sentence that you would like to come in.

I’ll answer you right away with the available times and the address.

Be Well,

Dr. Randy Fulton, Doctor of Chiropractic

P.S. By seeing a Chiropractor in a beautiful city like San Diego you will again be able live an active life that our City affords.

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