Gray’s Anatomy

The most influential text book on anatomy, Gray’s Anatomy, has this to say: “every
function of the human body is under control of the nervous system.” It is the job of the
spine to protect the gelatinous structure called the spinal cord and the nerve trunks that
emanate off from it to go to every cell, gland and organ (skin, muscles, tendons &
ligaments are considered organs too).

Your life in many ways is dictated by chemistry made inside your body: inflammatory
chemistry to aid the healing process and anti-inflammatory chemistry to calm it down
when healed, digestive enzymes to break down and assimilate the food you eat to
become the you we see in about 24 to 48 hours; your moods and emotions, energy,
judgement, how you think is all because of chemicals made by the the glands and
organs under the control of the brain and spinal cord. It is absolutely impossible for you
to be well in life mentally and physically when your chemistry is out of balance and
control- this is where Chiropractic comes in. Is the job of the Chiropractor to locate misalignments
of the spine which through compression of the nerves causes alteration or
depletion of this vital nerve control and vitality. The correction of these mis-alignments
restores to the body its ability to live and heal which is the responsibility of the nervous

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